Traditional Gardens
“Having purchased an S60 model Spyker spreader nearly 6 years ago, I have been entirely happy with this purchase and would recommend it for all larger estate type lawns and broader areas”.
Bacchuss Marsh West Golf Club

“We are really happy with the purchase of the Amacron double sided drag mat and have found it to be really productive. It’ ribbed rubber base and punched holes allow it to move good quantities of sand to fill in the low spots. It also has good weight which works really well with the contours of the green, with the smoother side clearly designed to be gentle on the turf. As we are run by volunteers, equipment can sometimes get accidental damage, but the reinforced rubber is extremely robust & cannot be bent or damaged around edges like some steel mats. I would recommend this Australian made drag mat to anyone doing renovations.”
Swansea Golf Club – Green Keeper

“Having purchased our “Spyker Spreader” over 11 years ago, a model which has since been superseded, I can fully recommend this brand of spreader, besides needing a replacement hopper sieve now, this unit still operates as new and has never needed repairs during this time”.